Play Backgammon the Internet
Play Backgammon  online
Backgammon - the oldest board game - play with real money

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Backgammon on the Internet

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Play Backgammon online

Play Backgammon online

Backgammon on the Internet

Backgammon is a game of skill and not just gambling. Of course, the roll of dice is important in how you play the game, but the most important are the skills, that can be easily developed. In online backgammon, strategy matters very much and, if you learn it, you can win a lot of money.

Today you can also play online backgammon with other thousands of people across the world through the PartyGammon platform that offers you the possibility to play online for play money - just for fun, or for real money - to get the real thrill.

The PartyGammon software is free to download ! You can play on virtual money until you master the checkers game. When you have decided to get the real feeling, we are also offering you an attractive bonus - 20% of the first deposit. The minimum deposit is 10 USD - the lowest on the market.

Online Backgammon Tutorials

You'll find in this website the rules of the backgammon, how to transfer the money to the PartyGammon account, some useful tips and tricks for online gammon. If you've never played backgammon online - it will be useful to read it. In online backgammon, strategy matters. Also you are offering you information about the Real live Tournaments where you can play with a big number of other competitors. A glossary will help you to learn some of the english words used during the backgammon game. Don't forget to bookmark this page for an easy reference ! See also our blog.

In other words, we are giving you here all the tutorials you need for you to learn how to play online backgammon for real money. Then it's up to you to develop the best skills to earn a lot of money. Or maybe you already have them :-)

About Backgammon

One of the most popular board games, Backgammon is a game that has been played since antiquity. The backgammon rules can be learned very easily by everyone. Basically the scope of the game is to try to get all of your own checkers past those of his opponent and then remove them from the board. The backgammon rules are almost the same, but you can find it in different parts of the world, under different names : ifranjian ( in arabic ), Shuang Lu ( in Chinese), portes and tavli ( in Greek), shesh besh (in Hebrew), takhte nard ( in Persian) or tavla (In Turkish).

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