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Here we will see the vast and varied array of different backgammon boards there are available today, also have a look at the most common and the very first boards dating back nearly 5000 years ago, When it’s believed that backgammon was first invented.

What are the Backgammon board designs

There are so many different Backgammon boards available on the market. Today boards can be very different compared to the first boards used and the more traditional backgammon boards you see being played in the streets.

Backgammon game being played in the street

Today you can get your backgammon board made to your own specifications and use
your imagination to create works of art, and choose designs and colours that are a far cry from the
traditional board which are still very popular and sold worldwide.

You can be as creative as you want to be and use any images for the point you want, they don’t even have to resemble the triangular shape these days, as you can see from the pictures below, these boards are very different from the first and early Backgammon boards.

This board, as you can see has used many different items and images to use for it alternative coloured points, there are such things as a Peacock tail feather, flowers, plants, buildings and a statue. You will even find a glass of wine there.

It’s really a matter of if you can think of a design, it looks like it can be made into a great Backgammon board. You can keep some point or totally go without the traditional points and opt for anything you want.

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Backgammon board variations

There are countless variations of this board, from just simply changing the colours to changing the pointed layout and replacing with anything that suits the customer. Or you can go in another direction and rather than changing the points to images of another object you can go with changing the background from a flat colour to an awesome image. Here again, your choices are limitless.

gammon game

If you really like the game you too maybe one day design your own board, or it would even make a great present for someone you know or a family member.