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So, here we will explain the basics of the game and how you move around the board, how you start the game and other points to get you started before you start playing.

BackGammon Icon  Starting the Game:

To begin your game of backgammon you will each take 1 of your 2 dice, and you both roll the dice on your right side, so you are using separate sides to each other. Here this will determine who starts the game, if you rolled higher than your opponent then it’s you if your opponent did then it’s them.

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(if you both roll the same number, this is classed as a fail so you will need to roll again until one person rolls higher than the other to start the game)

So, you take the amount of both dice and this is your starting roll, you may now start the game of backgammon.


BackGammon Icon  Different rolls of the dice:

If throughout the game you or your opponent roll a double (where the dice have the same face value), then you have 4 moves as opposed to 2.   For example, You roll a double 4, then this means you have 4 separate moves of 4 points/spaces to take how you see fit. Same rules apply where you can move individual counters for each move or the same counter for all. The choice is yours obviously, you will move to enhance your position on the board and move your counters closer to home.

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When a player rolls the dice for their turn and one or both of the dice lands on top of a counter or so it’s not flush with the backgammon board, this is known as “cocked” and that roll does not count and needs to be played again. Both dice must be returned to the rolling cop and the turn taking again. This could happen several times so try and aim away from the counters as this disrupts the game.


BackGammon Icon  In Play:

When it is the turn of either player, once the dice have been rolled, and they are both flat on the board so it counts, the player is “in play”. You are able to move your counters around the board in the rolled numbers as many times as you need. If you already moved your counters once and you change your mind, then as long as the dice are still on the board this is allowed. Once you remove your dice from the board, then your turn finishes. You are no longer able to move any of your counters.


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