Here, we have written down 5 top tips for you to remember and that will help you along in your game when you first start your Backgammon journey.

Tip I – Know your game

Whatever you have heard about Backgammon, forget! It is NOT a game of luck or chance it’s a game of skill and odds. Like most things, the better you play the better your odds will become and the more you will win. This is not a hard and fast rule so not every time, but the better player will, of course, win more often over a player that is either worse or a beginner, FACT.

So, if you play badly and don’t concentrate on the board and think ahead, both of your counters and your opponent’s counters, you will make mistakes and let your opponent sneak by you and win the game. It is very like chess in the way it is strategically played, but there is still only one aim. Get all your counters from A to B, simple.

Tip II – Research and learn

It is not easy to learn to play backgammon by just playing it and trying to figure it out for yourself. You need to learn the tricks, the skill, the forethought to beat your opponent to the finish line. Meaning studying, learning from videos, and watching good players and how they manoeuvre around the board. There are many books written on the subject that will help and guide you to become a better and smarter player.

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Tip III – Remember it’s a Race!

Backgammon is in principle a table/board game, depends on your view of looking at it, some would argue for one and the rest the other. Both are true in some respect but most importantly is when you are playing this game you remember that it is, once started, a race between you and your opponent to see who reaches the finish line first by clearing all of his counters first!

Tip IV – Keep Improving

Once you have mastered the skill and learnt the basics of the game, and you have gotten a few games under your belt. It’s important to carry on and improve your game. Most people who learn to play backgammon just learn to play and that’s it, they don’t try to progress. Meaning they don’t win when playing against a seasoned player, thus not benefitting from how enjoyable the game can be. Always losing will eventually force you to not keep playing the game as it no fun! So, it’s real important to keep practising, building your confidence in the game and continue learning new skills and new tactics to beat your opponent to the finish line.

Tip V – The Dice

When using the dice in backgammon, they are used a little differently to most other games. You always have two dice each which are the same colour normally to match your counters. When you roll the dice and you get two different numbers say a 3 and a 5. Automatically you would think you have rolled an 8! NO, you have rolled a 3 and a 5. So, you can either move 2 individual counters, one 3 spaces and the other 5 spaces, or the same counter the same amount, 3 then 5 (yes essentially its make 8, but this way you get a choice to move 1 or 2 counters in the same throw). Makes for a more strategic game.

Tip VI – Play Wisely

The aim of the game is to get all your counters to your home board (opposite to where you started in the game) and then off the board. You will not be able to remove any counters until they are all place in the home board. Many people when first starting out tend to forget about the 2 counters which are at position 24 at the start of every game. A wise player will get these 2 counters round and to the home screen before their opponent blocks them. Which is allowed and does happen, this is a strategy to coming first and winning. So be wise when moving your counters.